Golden Koala Chinese Film Festival

The Golden Koala Chinese Film Festival, which is organized by Chinese Film Incorporated (CFFI), is a non-profit organization aiming at promoting Chinese films, boosting the understanding of Chinese film culture and providing opportunities for communication and cooperation among people who feel enthusiastic about Chinese films all over the world.

As the only real international Chinese film event which collects Chinese films worldwide, the Golden Koala Chinese Film Festival is held annually in the major cities across Australia during the Chinese Spring Festival. Participants are invited from all Chinese speaking regions, including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Macau, and non-Chinese speaking regions as well, such as Europe and the United States, to exhibit their newest and most outstanding film productions or and compete with each other.

The Golden Koala Award is the first Chinese film award in a non-Chinese speaking country (i.e. Australia). All awards are judged on an international scale by a panel of experienced experts in this industry. From 2013, all its review committee members will come from non-Chinese backgrounds and each work will be reviewed only from the perspective of film, to enable that every director and his or her film production will be fairly evaluated in every competition section.

There are three principles of the Award:
1. To promote Chinese films on a worldwide stage
2. To unearth and recognize outstanding Chinese films on an international scale
3. To acknowledge the hard work and the dedication of the people behind the scenes in the Chinese film industry

The entire staff of this event will stand closely by the motto: Justness, fairness, openness. This film festival will make every endeavour to provide a review of the year’s excellent films for the hardworking Chinese film makers and producers.